MarcoPlast is a family-run production company, present on the market since 1987. Since its inception, the foundry has been the main focus of its development. Initially, the company specialised in the die casting of plastics, but later expanded its activities and started providing services in the production of accessories made of zinc and aluminium alloy, the so-called ‘znal’ (based on the symbols of these elements – Zn and Al). The investment turned out to be crucial for the later development of the company. MarcoPlast has become a recognisable brand in the production of furniture accessories such as handles, adjustable feet, connectors, brackets, door knockers and furniture panels.

Customer reviews show that the company for more than 30 years of activity has become synonymous with quality, reliability and – what is very important – good communication during the implementation of B2B projects. The last mentioned aspect is undoubtedly influenced by the family nature of the company, where decisions are made independently and quickly.

Products and services

MarcoPlast has the ability to process znal, a zinc and aluminium alloy, and various plastics, such as: PP – polypropylene, PS – polystyrene, ABS, PE – polyethylene.

Znal is commonly used due to its good technological and anti-friction properties. Castings made of zinc and aluminium alloy respond well to coatings applied by galvanic methods. Another advantage of this alloy is its low production costs. The company uses znal for the production of precision machine elements, car parts and furniture elements.

MarcoPlast provides casting services to individual customers. Depending on the needs, a design is established, on the basis of which a mould is created, and then the final product. The products are of top quality and meet the highest market standards for casting plastics and znal in terms of weight, injection size and final processing.

In addition to casting services, MarcoPlast provides complementary services: grinding, polishing, drilling, cutting, punching, galvanic coating and powder coating.

Technological background

The company is equipped with a machine park:

• Plastic injection moulding machines,
• Znal alloy injection moulding machines,
• Benchtop threading machines,
• Benchtop drill,
• Vibro-abrasive processing equipment,
• Dryers for drying elements after vibro-abrasive treatment,
• Belt sanders,
• Surface grinders,
• Band saws.

MarcoPlast does not have its own tool shop for making pressure moulds, but for a long time, it has been cooperating with reliable entities boasting extensive experience in this field.

The company uses the services of subcontractors 
|in the case of:

• Production of moulds for the die casting of plastics 
 and znal alloy,
• Applying galvanic coatings,
• Galvanising,
• Anodising,
• Powder coating.

Sustainable development

An inseparable attribute of MarcoPlast is care for the planet and constant minimisation of the negative impact on the natural environment. The company puts emphasis on development and pro-ecological investments, which include energy-saving and water-saving process lines.

The company’s building is equipped with a heat pump – one of the most ecological solutions for room heating. The roof is covered with photovoltaic panels. The electricity they generate powers the heat pump and production machines, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

In addition, the company maintains complete recycling in the production cycle – plastic and znal production waste is processed in further production. In addition, in the case of plastics, recycled material is used whenever possible, the so-called ‘regranulate’.

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